Festive Nails | Carnaval Inspired

Hello everyone, today i’m going to share with you how to do these festive nails inspired in the Carnaval Party.


I was never one to glam up my nails, I love to paint them and try new colors but this time I tried something really really different. I had these pearls from Ciate that came in a little kit that I bought a wile ago at Sephora. I never used them, but since Carnaval is almost here I’ve decided to do something festive to my nails and gave the pearls a try.


So let’s get some pearl nails, shall we?

First of, you are going to need:

A container, so the pearls don’t fall everywhere.

Something to put on your nails, I bet the brand still caries these pearls but you can use glitter, sparkles, etc…

A brush-on gel glue (not necessary, but if you want it to last longer I recommend it).

A nail polish of your preference (for my ring finger I used a shade of white from the brand Jordana and for the rest of the nails I used Cheexy Chops by Butter London).




First, what we’ve done is put the white nail polish on my ring finger, which is the finger we are going put the pearls in (I choose a white background for the pearls to sit on, but I think it would look nicer if you just go with the same color of nail polish as the rest of your nails).

Then after that dried, we put a layer of the gel glue and straight away started pouring the pearls in the nail, don’t forget to put something underneath your finger when your doing this so the pearls don’t get everywhere.

After that, press the pearls in the nail to make sure they are all glued in.

When that’s ready we can paint the rest of the nails, I’ve chosen to paint mine yellow but I also think it would look nice with blue, purple or white.

And that’s it! This is the finished result:

FT unhas


Hope you have fun trying these out!

Thank you for reading,

Helena Hamdar.