Stella McCartney’s Newest Collections

10 days ago on the 17th, the famous designer Stella McCartney launched it’s first ever menswear collection, and It looks great!

Even tho I don’t own anything from Stella McCartney I always loved her pieces, particularly the bags (I have a big crush on the Light Grey Falabella Tote), and It is very exiting to hear that now the mens get to have her awesome clothing as well.

Before we have a look in the menswear let me show you what the 2017 spring collection looks like:







It invests in pieces with a lot of   movement and prints, I love the dog one  and the way she mixed polkadot with stripes.











The color pallet looks amazing, light green and blue shades both very soothing to the eyes, it also has a lot of black, whites and jeans.







My favorite pice from the collection has to be this dress and I would style it by paring with the bege heels from the previous picture.













Onto the menswear, the collection has basic colors such as grey, black, blue and olive green. I sensed a Beatles vibe in the cool prints she invested in.











Thank you for reading!

Helena Hamdar.